Total Road Solutions - FOREST ROADS


The FAHR ROADCRUSHER - Forester C-2000
was originally designed with forest road development in mind.

The Forest C-2000 is compact enough to be used in all types of conditions, yet effective enough to get the job done. The crusher is able to crush rocks as large as 16" in diameter as it moves along at an even pace.

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER works best when there is an even mixture of fines to medium sized rocks. As the Forester C-2000 crushes, it can reduce material to a size of 2 inch minus*, in a single pass. 
An average windrow of material (about 5 feet wide and 16 inches high), will produce enough material to cover an average road surface with about 12-14 feet wide by 4 inches thick of crushed material. This method produces a strong interlocking structure which improves the life of the finished road bed.

Picture 1 - Windrow of oversize road material

This picture is typical of what a forest road (or low volume road) should look like. Notice that all the finer material was not worked out as the grader operator formed the windrow.  It is important that some finer dirt/soil is kept in the windrow as it helps bind the crushed material when the finished road is formed.



Picture 2 -  Proper windrow positioning & moisture


On narrow roads (as in this photo) it is important to keep the windrow to one side of the road surface so traffic can flow by freely.  Depending on your regions weather conditions, water may be required to be added to the formed windrow. This will not only keep dust down but also allow for the optimal water content, important when compacting the crushed material.

Picture 3 -  Rock crushing

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER is capable of crushing rocks as large as 16 inches in diameter into 2 inch minus material (mostly 1 inch). The crusher can crush any type of rock including slate, granite, shale, river rock and lava rock (just to name a few), and can crush about 1 mile (1.6 km) of windrow per day.

Picture 4 - Inspection time

This photo is of a FAHR employee (Mario) showing a client what a great job he has done using the FAHR ROADCRUSHER. Notice the large rocks in the windrow ahead of the crusher and the crushed material behind.

Picture 5 - The finished product

The crushed material in this photo may look a bit too fine but its not. The top layer always looks this way as the lighter materials (because of gravity) always falls last. The remaining material is now ready for the grader operator to come along and mix the material and distribute it evenly over the road surface.

* = Approximate size, rocks may be smaller and/or larger depending on material & conditions.