FAHR Industries has developed a new hammer system for its traditional rock crushing procedure. These new asphalt hammers are designed to crush asphalt and asphalt mixed with rocks, into fine material. The material produced can be used as a base before laying new asphalt or in some cases, as the top surface.

Picture 1 -  Is this your road?

Due to lack of funding and the small amount of traffic this road received, the best option was to return it to a gravel LVR.

This asphalt road was recycled and turned back into a gravel surface road.

Crushing asphalt with the FAHR ROADCRUSHER is simple and fast but a few windrows are often formed to crush all the asphalt in a road surface (depending on asphalt thickness).

Rocks are no problem
, crush them along with the asphalt, can your carbide tooth recycler do that?


Picture 2: (Before)

Don't know what to do with your stockpile of asphalt, why not recycle it? Don't worry about the rocks mixed in, just crush them too!


Picture 3: (After)

Here is the same windrow of asphalt and rock as above.

"Blade this material out and (with the sun) it sets up almost like new asphalt."


Picture 4: On the road

Here is an actual forest road project where we crushed an asphalt surface that was badly deteriorated.



Picture 1: Crush Away!

The FAHR ROADCRUSHER can crush rocks, asphalt and concrete.

Crushing concrete is simple but the concrete must be loose with no steel in it.

We haven't yet attempted to crush "attached" concrete (i.e. in place sidewalks) but we guess that the slabs of sidewalk would have to be loosened as in this photo.

Picture 2: More Slabs

These photos were taken during an asphalt crushing demo, the client set the concrete slabs down to see if we could crush it.                         -We did.

Sorry, no after photos - Crushed concrete looked like dry pre-mixed concrete you get in a bag.